SP2: Research Infrastructure, testing and standards

Onshore and offshore wind is hugely important to the present and future European economy. As we strive to lower the levelised cost of energy (LCoE) from wind, it is widely recognised in our sector that the advancement of associated technology is and will continue to play a key part in LCoE reduction. Indeed, the successful introduction of new technologies into the market provide the opportunities for ‘step-changes’ in cost reduction and the opportunity for energy from wind to be cost competitive with any other energy source both now and in the future. However, the successful implementation of new technologies is reliant on a number of factors, and one of these is component, subcomponent and system reliability. Furthermore, in order to achieve the required levels of reliability, attention needs to be paid to the standardisation of technology solutions and the verification and validation of them. 

SP2 focuses on research infrastructures and standards and its main objective is to progress the research and technology agenda in these areas. The sub-programme brings together a collection of world leading academic and research organisations, many of which have access to world leading research infrastructures. In progressing the associated research and technology agenda, the sub-programme addresses a number of themes including:
• How do we make best use of our existing portfolio of research infrastructures, particularly large research infrastructures?
o Research infrastructure networks, infrastructure access, infrastructure databases, data sharing, etc…
• What are the needs for new/existing research infrastructures?
o New facilities, upgraded facilities, virtual infrastructures, funding options, capacity considerations, avoidance of duplication…
• How do we standardise activities?
o Recommendations for verification and validation methods, best practice in the use of similar infrastructure, guidelines for new/amended standards…

The activities of the sub-programme focus around dedicated sessions organised at EERA JPWind or WindEurope related events. It is the intention of the sub-programme to run a minimum of two sessions per year (at the annual EERA JPWind Conference in September and at one or more EERA JPWind/WindEurope events throughout the year).




Paul McKeever SP2 Coordinator
ORE Catapult