SP6: Offshore Balance of Plant

Offshore wind farms will be an important part of a future sustainable energy system. The technology and market is still in an early phase. Strong research and development efforts are paramount to achieve the full potential for deployment and cost reductions. Offshore wind energy is prioritized in the European SET-plan. 

This SP brings together international experts within the area with an overall objective to preparing pre-competitive research laying a scientific foundation for the industrial development of more cost effective offshore wind farms and enabling large scale deployment at any seas. Research themes addressed include optimization of support structures and grid connection, asset management and wind farm control. The research is carried out through projects from which results can be openly shared, e.g. EU-projects or national competence building projects. Knowledge sharing is organized through dedicated workshops, possibly in combination with other EERA JPwind SPs, and through the annual EERA DeepWind R&D conference (https://www.sintef.no/projectweb/eera-deepwind/). The research is aligned through sharing and preparing research strategies on offshore wind energy between institutes and public bodies.




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