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News 19 June 2023

NeWindEERA has been officially launched !

NeWindEERA is a project funded by EERA JP Wind and will outline our new strategic research programme for the European wind energy research community.  The programme will be based on the present state of the art and subsequent research requirements to reach the 2050 energy goals facing our sector. 

On behalf of the EERA JPWind membership, the project will be delivered by ORE Catapult, SINTEF, DTU, Ciemat and RWTH Aachen.

For now, work is progressing on the first two project work packages, WP1 and WP2.  

WP1 focuses on the challenge that lies ahead, i.e., what are the NetZero implications for wind energy development? The objective is to present relevant milestones from key documents/initiatives such as IEA Net Zero and RePower EU.

WP2 focuses on current state of the art and related research gaps providing an overview of the state of the art (SoA) research on wind energy, building on first and foremost, the outcome of the Grand Challenges in the Science of Wind Energy and ETIPWind’s SRIA findings. It will also include the related research gaps, themes and first indications of prioritisation to achieve IEA Net Zero and RePower EU wind energy scenarios/targets detailed in WP1. 

Work on the draft chapter for WP1 will conclude in June whereas WP2 activity will continue throughout July.