SP3: Wind energy system integration

The integration of large-scale offshore wind energy is a significant challenge for the wind sector in the coming decades.The main technical challenges towards 100% renewable energy generation in the European power or energy system are divided into temporal and spatial scales. For short-term applications, resilience to system level grid disturbances and external events towards further exploitation of inverter capabilities are important research gaps. For relatively longer timescales, short-term balancing via integrated and intelligent wind farm and energy market operations are highlighted to address the demand for further flexibility in the system. For larger scales, diversification of renewable generation across a range of technologies (e.g., with low-wind technology, hybrid power plants and P2X systems) will be an important factor for long term balancing, especially with weather becoming increasingly important for regional and global energy production. On that regard, development of frameworks and testing methods for components, turbines, and performance assessment of hybrid power plants including storage is a crucial challenge to address. For system integration in general, digitalisation is seen as a crucial enabler for the transition from intelligent turbines to intelligent power plants and ultimately to intelligent operation and design of wind and energy systems.

The sub-themes is this sub-progammes are :

  • Definition and modelling of future system needs
  • Advanced grid capabilities 
  • Interoperability
  • Solutions to effecively manage curtailment (storage & hydrogen)
  • Power to X and hybrid plants
  • DC grid solutions