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Documents 19 March 2024

NeWindEERA brochure is available !

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our NeWindEERA Brochure 

The NeWindEERA project, financed by EERA JP Wind members, lays out a new research programme for the European wind energy community.  It marks a pivotal step in shaping the future of wind energy research, outlining a clear vision for our journey towards 2050. By purposely harmonising with the ETIPWind SRIA industry-led priorities, this initiative defines a robust programme and roadmap to cover both short-term and longer-term R&I priorities for the European wind energy sector.

Another key feature of NeWindEERA is its holistic approach. Not only does it address technical research priorities, but it also delves into non-technical cross-cutting topics essential for sustainable progress. This comprehensive perspective ensures engagement across the full spectrum of stakeholders while also fostering innovation and inclusivity.

Curious to learn more? Then dive into our 12-page brochure, which offers a concise yet insightful summary of the NeWindEERA research programme.

Also stay tuned for the full NeWindEERA report, slated for release on the EERA JP Wind website in April 2024