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Watch the new SETWind video to better understand the fundamental contribution of the SETPlan Implementation Working Group for Offshore Wind to the European Clean Energy Transition.

Offshore wind power is a key technology for Europe’s green transition. The European Commission expects offshore wind power to grow from [GW today] to 300GW in EU waters by 2050.

The SETPlan Implementation Working Group for Offshore Wind Power supports coordination and development of research and innovation in the field. The aim is to continue cost reductions and speed up deployment of offshore wind power including grid connections.

In 2020, European offshore wind power was predominantly installed in the North Sea. But in the coming years, offshore wind power will be deployed in all European waters. From the North of Norway in the north-West to the Black Sea in the South-east.

In many parts of Europe, the sea is too deep for bottom-fixed wind turbines. Floating wind power will therefore play a pivotal role in achieving Europe’s target for offshore wind power. The Implementation Working Group for Offshore Wind supports the strengthening of R&D in floating wind power, in balance with continued investments in bottom fixed.

The expansion of offshore wind power must not jeopardize public support or the European marine environment. That is why the Implementation Working Group has worked with researchers from social science and humanities to identify key issues related to public acceptance and a fair green transition.

Offshore wind power started in European waters in 1991. 30 years later, the journey has only just begun. Now is the time to innovate and to act.


Mattias Andersson Coordinator